Tips to Choose the Right Travel

Though most of us don’t take travel insurance as a necessity, it has proved to be significan time and again. But travel insurance can become a very confusing aspect for many.

With a barrage of plans and a string of insurance companies out there, we are often confused on what product we should buy, from whom and what are the benefits we get. Sometimes, after buying a policy in hand, you may feel that you didn’t pick the right one. There are manytravel insurance companies in the Emirates that offer medical/health travel insurance covers.

Here are the top tips to pick the right travel insurance cover:

  1. High coverage limits: The first thing to look for is whether your plan offers a high coverage on your medical expenses. Anything can be expected while travelling – sudden illness to unexpected accidents or attacks. Higher the coverage limits, better the benefits. If you are caught in an emergency or you happen to get hospitalized in a foreign country during your business trip, your medical/health travel insurance policy will take care of your huge hospital bills.

It’s advisable to never go in for a cheaper policy.  You will reach your limits quickly and the policy will not be of help when you really need it. Good travel insurance companies offer a coverage of minimum $1,000,000.

  1. Schengen compliant covers: Sometimes, it so happens that the venue of your business conference is a Schengen area. Here, you require a Schengen compliant travel insurance cover. Many travel insurance companies in Dubai offer basic and affordable Schengen compliant policies to cover you if emergencies happen in those areas.
  2. Protect your family: Fun times with family are long cherished memories. You will never want your pleasant family trip to a distant island to be as messy as a crow’s nest. At the same time, you need to anticipate medical emergencies especially if you have your kids with you. You need to choose the best family cover which covers your loved ones against those unexpected little twists that might happen during your trip.
  3. The frequent traveller: If you travel often to other countries for personal or professional reasons, go for a multi-trip travel insurance cover. This policy lets you make a series of trips affordably and you can have a hassle-free travel all year through.

A good medical/health travel insurance policy should cover you for:

  • Accident and Medical Expenses
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Missed Departure or Connecting Flight
  • Loss or Damage of Luggage / Personal Effects
  • Loss of Passport