Adventure Travel Destinations

Who wouldn’t want to live a life full of journeys and exploration? In fact, children who get the opportunity to see the world can surely be deemed fortunate. Young minds always tend to view the world in the right perspective, since their thinking is pretty much clean and not biased. If we are to educate our kids about the world, the best means would be to actually take them out there.

Seems like a fine idea on paper, isn’t it? Especially when parents have to contend with a thousand chants of “I’m bored” and “Are we there yet?” throughout the journey. Well, this certainly is the drawback of traveling with kids. But we do urge you to browse through this list of kid-friendly adventure travel destinations―you can’t be assured of a no-complaints trip, but they will definitely be reduced to a bare minimum.

Japan doesn’t just have to be the good ol’ Land of the Rising Sun, neither should it be limited to just another exotic eastern destinations. As a matter of fact, Japan happens to be a winner of a destination among young children and teenagers alike. Well, with their sterling anime and manga culture, and of course, Hello Kitty, it isn’t really a surprise.
What got Japan a spot on this list?
▶ The uniqueness of Japanese culture is something which needs to be observed and experienced up close.

▶ Their style of architecture, the topography of the country, their mannerisms, language, cuisine, and lifestyle is vastly different from ours―which presents a fabulous learning opportunity for children.

▶ Disneyland is always a hit with children and parents alike, which is why you can have fun at the Japanese version of this fabulous theme park.

▶ Watching a Sumo match, riding a dizzying roller coaster at Fuji-Q Highland, and tasting the very unique Japanese cuisine can be a novel experience for young children.

▶ WalkJapan conducts these very interesting and off-the-beaten-track walking tours that are enriching, adventurous, and highly entertaining for the adults along with slightly older kids.

Pharaohs and mummies? You bet! All thanks to Hollywood, no kid is really immune to the mystique of ancient Egyptian culture and those lofty Pyramids of theirs. Seeped in tradition, your preteens and teenagers are bound to have a blast here in Egypt.
Isn’t there a travel advisory against going to Egypt?
▶ Umm … unfortunately, there is. But things should hopefully change in the near future, as it would be a pity for families to miss out on a spectacular destination such as this.

▶ If you do get the chance to visit this nation, do be aware that the Giza Pyramids are simply the tip of the iceberg among all Egyptian attractions.

▶ The humongous lakeside temples of Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, the Lighthouse of Alexandria―Egypt does not have a dearth of places to visit.

▶ From ditzy camel rides, felucca sailboat cruise, to snorkeling in the Red Sea, your children will have a lot of exiting things to look forward to; more importantly, none of which include an amusement park.
South Africa

Who isn’t enamored by the beauty of the African continent? We sure are. South Africa, in particular, has everything you need to enjoy a fun filled adventure with the entire family. The Rainbow Nation lets you make the most of your holiday by bringing you close to nature, and packs an urban punch as well.
Do tell us more!
▶ A South African holiday can turn out to be the mother of all adventures, with a visit to Shark Alley, close to the fishing hamlet of Gansbaai near Cape Town. Here, you will get the opportunity to experience a caged dive with the most ferocious creature that inhabits our seas, the Great White Shark.

▶ The coast of South Africa is also home to the African penguin; and there isn’t a better place to spot these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

▶ Speaking of natural habitats, an African safari is a must when you’re visiting this continent, and there cannot be a better way of letting your children experience nature in all its glory.

A trip to Finland is akin to visiting a land right out of fairy tales. This Scandinavian nation is not just about skiing, snowfall, Santa Claus, and sleds, it has a lot more going for it than you can imagine.
What is so special about Finland?
▶ The best part about Finland is that it has something for every season. Yes, it can be a matter of disbelief, but it’s true, nevertheless. Adventure buffs, especially, can have a fabulous time in the skiing and snowboarding season. Alpine climbing is also a fantastic option.

▶ Wintertime in Finland lasts from October to March, which gives you ample opportunity to view the amazing phenomenon of aurora borealis (northern lights). Also, wintertime is festive season here, with Christmas being celebrated in full bloom in Lapland, the home of Santa Claus.

▶ The polar summers are a unique phenomenon as well, with the children getting a chance to experience prolonged periods of sunshine, referred to as the midnight sun.

To merge with the spirit of this vast land, you’ve got to hit the road. Campervanning is the best way to see Australia; and if the idea of doing so with kids gives you the chills, just relax. Road trips in Oz aren’t just road trips, as you’ll be wandering among the land of marsupials, exotic desert fauna, and weird poisonous species―all of this is sure to churn enough curiosity and excitement to last well beyond the trip.
Thunder Down Under, anyone?
▶ Being as vast as it is, Australia has kid-friendly attractions that will take months to actually explore, but a spot that qualifies as unmissable has got to be the Great Barrier Reef. Go sailing along with the family to the Whitsunday Islands, where you’ll be able to take a dip into the ocean to see the famous corals.

▶ Kangaroos, koalas, platypus―Australian wildlife is so unlike the rest of the world. Your kids may have seen them in the zoo, but to view them in their original habitat is a wonderful experience.

Adventure Goals

Adaptive Skiing
It is a type of skiing that allows physically disabled individuals to participate in skiing with the help of special equipment.
The word ‘ski’ has its origins in the Norwegian word skíð which means a piece of wood, and ‘skiing’ or ‘to ski’ means travel using a ski. People living in the Arctic region have used skiing was a mode of transport for the past 4,000 years. Today, skiing is employed less for transport and more for recreational purposes. It is also extremely popular as a competitive sport (the Winter Olympics) with various styles and types of skiing disciplines. Generally, skiing can be divided into three major types: nordic or cross-country, alpine or downhill, and freestyle. Let us take a closer look at the three major types and their differences through this Buzzle article.
Nordic/Cross-country Skiing
It is a type of skiing that is also known as ski touring, XC skiing and has a history of 4,000 long years. The Nordic or cross-country skiing belongs to Norway, where it was initially used for the purpose of transportation. Around 1,000 years ago, the sport made a drastic shift from a mode of transportation to a recreational sport and spread to several parts of the world like an epidemic.

It became an enjoyable medium to spend a snow-filled day for most of the people. However, even today, it is used as a mode of transportation in areas with Arctic conditions. There are several disciplines like ski jumping, Nordic combined and biathlon that involve cross-country skiing.

The Nordic skiing is performed on a flat terrain, and the skiers adopt three different styles for their skiing event―the Classical technique, the Skating technique, and the Touring technique.
The classical technique is based on a straight gliding movement in the forward direction. The skies used in this type are narrower than your foot and are coated with sticky wax at one end to enhance the grip while pushing off the snow for forward momentum. The skies are kept parallel to each other while moving one at a time in motion.
The skating style, unlike classical skiing, is characterized by a V-shaped glide that is similar to the movements in ice skating or roller skating. It is the fastest style performed in cross-country skiing, but confined only to groomed snow surfaces.
It is a skiing style that is similar to the classical style, the only difference being the skies. The skies in this style are a little wider than classical skiing, and the style is usually associated with ungroomed trails. Another unique feature of touring skies is that they have small bumps or scales on the bottom to obtain a good forward momentum.
Apart from skies, the equipment for cross-country skiing includes two skiing poles made of aluminum or fiber-glass are used in cross-country skiing, which have a basket-like attachment at the end. This basket-like attachment is beneficial for a better grip on the snowy surface. The boots of a cross-country skier are lighter than those of an alpine skier, and their bindings match the ski while leaving the heel free to rise and fall.
Downhill/Alpine Skiing
As the name suggests, a skier in downhill or alpine skiing, glides down the snow-covered hills using long and sleek skies. Although being a recreational activity, alpine skiing also developed as a form of sport activity with professional skiers participating in several international competitions like Olympic Games, annual World Cup Series, biennial World Championships, etc. Alpine skiing can be incorporated in four disciplines: Slalom, Super G, Downhill, and Super Combined.

Although alpine skiing owes its origin to cross-country skiing, there are quite a few differences in both skiing types. While cross-country skiing is done on a flat terrain, downhill skiing requires hills with steep slopes. There is a noticeable difference in the equipment of both skiing types. While the boots of alpine skiers are completely attached to the skies, the heels are left free in cross-country skiing.
Typical Alpine Skiing
As mentioned above, it is the locked-heel variety of skiing, which offers proper control over the gliding movements. However, the skies are heavier than those used in Nordic skiing, which may cause discomfort to certain extent. The skies in this skiing style are around 60-90mm wide underfoot and around 80-120mm wide at the tip. The skies towards the tail are quite narrower as compared to the tip.
Alpine Touring (AT) or Randonee
This skiing style is characterized by its free and locked-heel technique. The binding setup allows the heel to free up using the skins for climbing the hills, but get locked while descending. The skies used in this style of alpine skiing are lighter than the typical alpine gear, but heavier than the telemark gear.
Unlike other types of downhill skiing, in this technique, the boot is attached only at the toe, allowing the heel to come up from the ski. As the heel is free, it allows the skier to go into a lunge position in order to turn. The act of lunging while turning is a technique called the telemark turn. The skis are not parallel, but staggered. And the outside ski, called downhill ski, is pushed forward by the skier’s lunge.
Freestyle Skiing
It is a skiing style, which was thought to be unsafe, for the possible dangers it presents to the skiers and hence, was not accepted as a sport activity. However, in the middle of the 20th century, it got a new name as “hot-dogging” which took freestyle skiing to the highest peak of popularity.

Furthermore, freestyle skiing has now developed as a competitive sport, and athletes from several parts of the world participate in this event to get an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a large audience. Following are the styles incorporated in Freestyle Skiing:
Freestyle skiing includes presentation of some breathtaking acrobatic skills by the skiers while on their alpine or cross-country skiing run. These acrobatic skills were presented in some non-competitive events in the past, which made freestyle skiing all the more popular. Nowadays, the skiers in competitive events are judged on the artistry and level of difficulty.
It is a type of traditional freestyle skiing in which the skier runs down faster the steep pistes with two jumps in between. At an advanced level of skiing, the skiers spin off during a jump for scoring more points during a competition. The skier is judged on the speed, the quality of turns, the height of the jump, etc.
Big Air
Flat spins, misty flips, 1080-degree rotations, and a backward landing are some mesmerizing, dreadful patterns included in big air style of freestyle skiing, wherein, the skier is judged on the level of difficulty. The skies that are used in this skiing style are twin tip skies that are commonly used for all mountain playing activities. These ski varieties not only add to the pleasure of skiing, but also ensure the safety of the skier.
Apart from these, some newer events that are included in freestyle skiing are half pipe skiing, ski across, aerials, etc. Whatever the style be, it is important to note that freestyle skiing is similar to extreme skiing that possesses the highest levels of dangers and risks if not performed with appropriate basic skills.
Waterskiing is a sport that was invented in the year 1922 by Ralph Samuelson. In this sport, a person is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation above a water source with the help of a towrope. The skier skims through the water surface at the speed of around 20 miles per hour. Good muscular endurance, body control, and upper and lower body strength are the basic requirements to become a good water skier.

There are two different ways a skier can take a start to begin waterskiing. Firstly, the skier can crouch down on the water surface and take a deep water start. When the skier is ready the driver accelerates the boat to bring the skier out of the water. Secondly, the skier can take a ‘dry start’ from the shore, but this is usually recommended for professionals.

Tips to Find Good Hotels

Booking a good hotel is essential whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip. It is necessary because of the kind of comfort it delivers, and also because it would ensure safety and security. There are many different types of accommodation options in Brighton, UK, starting from B&Bs to inns and from guesthouses and lodges to star properties. However, what you choose depends on many factors, including the most primary aspect, which is the budget you have for the hotels.

What you are looking for and expecting from the property you stay in also makes a huge difference. Brighton, UK is about one hour from train from London and has a beautiful beach and surrounding landscape with many historical places to visit. Thanks to the modernisation of the place, there are tons of restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars, eateries, confectionaries, festivals, activity centres, malls, boutiques, and so on in the city. The place has a lot to offer to its visitors, starting from startling natural beauty to amazing urban culture, along with the quiet and serenity a beachside resort city should offer. Here are the few tips you must carefully consider before booking any of the hotels in Brighton, UK.


One of the first things you need to check before you book a hotel is to check the location of the hotel. It should be well-located near the downtown area, where you can find all the amenities and markets around. In Brighton, having an ocean facing hotel is the most sought after and luckily there are many, so you won’t have problems finding one for yourself.


The cost of the accommodation varies greatly depending upon the type of accommodation you choose. A five star property would obviously charge more as per the facilities and comfort provided, but there are numerous other decent and luxurious boutique hotel that would provide comfortable accommodation at a modest price. Choose as per your budget after doing extensive research online.


The amenities provided by the hotel should be noted to ensure that you get what you are looking for at the hotel and have an enjoyable, comfortable and luxurious experience. Whether it is room service, in-house restaurant, Wi-Fi service, travel desk, concierge services, city tour services and more, make sure you check in with the hotel what the extra services they provide before booking are.


Checking out the reviews of different hotels that meets your budget and booking the one that has the most positive reviews is a very good idea. It would ensure that you end up booking the best hotel for yourself.

So, make sure that you follow the above mentioned tips when looking to booking a hotel in Brighton, UK. It is imperative to do an extensive research before booking any hotel and check out their reviews online. Also, checking the locations and facilities provided, including whether there is free cark parking space available or not, is crucial for a comfortable and hassle free experience.

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Different Types of Tents for Camping

While picking the right tent, do pay close attention to its size and bulk, material used, and ease of pitching before you factor in the cost. This will ensure that you have a sturdy and manageable tent, instead of a cheap, but complicated contraption.
Camping, as a recreational activity has quite the historic beginnings. It was once seen as the best way ‘to get away from it all’, when one actually wanted to take a break in order to enjoy the wilderness. But with the passage of time, camping went from being a hard worker’s only means of solitude to something that’s enjoyed with family and friends. Undoubtedly, the ease of transport, availability of camping gear, and the spate of camping grounds around towns and cities has sky-rocketed the popularity of camping.

In this Buzzle article, we’re focusing on the various types of tents available in the market today, beginning with the traditional kind.
A-shaped/Ridge Tents

We begin with the original tent, which is far from the domes and tunnels of today. Well, it has undergone a sort of metamorphosis to suit today’s times. Ridge tents have two poles at either ends, with a cross pole holding it up. The size of the tent can be altered, and the fabric of choice is up to you.
These tents are non-fussy and easy to pitch, and perfect for a short trip in not-too-windy conditions. Depending upon the material, they could go on the heavier side. The fact that their sloping sides don’t leave much space within is a definite downer. It can work well for those who only wish to use it as a sleeping spot.
Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents have various tube supports across their length, which mimics the appearance of a tunnel. These tents are quite spacious, depending upon its size, of course, and are a favored type among families.
On the flip side, these tents may not provide enough stability in extreme windy conditions. However, they make up for it in terms of space, especially when pitched end-on to oncoming winds.
Dome Tents

Dome tents are quite popular among campers today, owing to its ease of use. Their frame comprises two or three tube supports running through the center, underneath the fabric. These tents are mostly free-standing, which makes it easy to move them around. The dome shape allows better head space, and ground space as well. These may also be inflatable, wherein one just has to peg the corners, and the compressor does to job of setting up the rest. Honestly, it is quite hard to find negative features in this type.
Semi-geodesic and Geodesic Tents

Geodesic tents are those in which the frame comprises tubes or poles that crisscross each other to form triangles. These tents offer excellent stability under extreme conditions, as their framework lends great support to the structure. These are perfect companions for a Himalayan or an alpine expedition.
Pictured above is a semi-geodesic tent, named so owing to fewer poles that make up the frame. These tents, too, offer great stability in lesser-than-extreme conditions, and even when pitched on slopes.
Family Tents

As the name goes, family tents are made for larger groups who do not mind camping under the same roof. These tents are available in a wide variety of designs―they may be dome or tunnel shaped, or at times, even a combination of the two.

Travelling on a Budget with Charter Bus

The rising price of plane traveling has made a lot of folks give up their vacation or stay clear of air travel at all cost. Fees have risen dramatically, and most flight companies are discovering imaginative new ways for getting even more money from their passengers. They often display their ticket price as being quite low, but then tack on a host of various fees and charges. Once they have added on those costs, the price of a ticket may be a lot higher that you initially were led to believe.

There is a way to travel today, though, where you will not be burdened by these business practices, and that is with charter bus Denver. Whomever you rent your bus from can make you a detailed quote for the total sum of the chartering a private bus. By doing this, you as well as the other people in your group can predict specifically how much it’ll cost you in order to lease the tour bus. When the cost of the leasing is shared out between the assorted people, the bargain of this sort of rental will probably be readily apparent. A charter bus price when compared to the cost of fare for air travel will typically be less expensive. This decreased price may make taking trips on a budget doable for everyone.

In addition, vacationing by charter bus Denver can often be a much more cozy method to vacation as compared to plane. Plane seats are ill-famed for being extremely tiny and hard. Charter bus seating is instead supportive and cushiony, allowing passengers to travel with increased easiness. There’s normally more flexibility to move, rendering it more enjoyable too.

For parties vacationing with young children or young adults, charter bus Denver could be considerably better than traveling by air. As stated, bus travel frequently provides more movement in the seats for active kids. Furthermore, there are a lot of electronic devices now found on buses that are there for the express purpose of keeping kids and teens entertained.

Even if you are not planning a vacation to some far off spot, charter bus Denver could be a great option. In light of the present fuel prices, it might be cheaper for a party to visit a nearby getaway by tour bus than for folks to take many individual vehicles to the site. Bus drivers additionally make the vacation a lot more uncomplicated. They are professionals who are trained to be careful drivers and who have a working knowledge of the fastest and safest routes to all sorts of different places.

If you are ready to take a nice vacation once again, do not feel like you have to spend a ton of money on airline tickets. Charter bus Denver can provide you with a quick and comfortable trip regardless of how near or far you are planning to journey. Be sure to bear this in mind when you are ready to begin planning the budget and itinerary for your next vacation.

How to Plan a Camping Wedding

Camping Wedding Tip
“The more guests feel involved with your wedding, the more likely they will have a great time.” ―The Knot
A camping wedding is nothing but a joyous weekend getaway with family and friends, accompanied by good food, sun, and music, and, not to forget, lots of happy moments. For couples who love the outdoors, camping-themed weddings are the latest idea. People have been throwing wedding parties at campgrounds for ages, but why not take it one step further, and invite your guests to camp overnight with you in the great outdoors?

Traditionalists may not like this idea, since it involves eschewing some time-honored traditions, like holding the ceremony in a church. For those who are willing to think a little outside the box, a camping wedding ensures that friends and family will have fond memories of your special day.
Camping Location and Accommodation

Location Matters
Before you begin planning for the perfect camping wedding, decide on the campground. It is about being wild and loving the outdoors, and for this, you can choose between a camping ground in the midst of the woods, a beach-front, or a nestled location in the scenic mountains. To get the initial planning in place, the two of you need to discuss the location and the overall setting of your big-day.
Reserving a Campground
The first step to planning a camping wedding is to find a campground that will allow you to reserve an entire loop or a large section of the campsite. Depending on how many guests you expect, and the degree of privacy you want, you may want to reserve more or less of the area. To make your guests comfortable, you could book camping cabins for your family, and arrange tents for your friends, if you have a large number coming.
Minute Detailing

After the location of the wedding has been chosen, most of the planning should be the same as planning for a normal wedding. However, you’ll have to bear in mind that all the action will be taking place outdoors, and depending on your chosen location, it may be taking place quite far from the nearest town. This means, weatherproofing and transportation are hugely important. You would need to ensure you have enough equipment to shield everyone from unpredictable weather. In case it rains, any electronic equipment and the reception area itself will need to be covered, or you’ll need a contingency plan for bad weather. The tip here is to keep spare umbrellas ready for a rainy day.
The Final Setup

A camping wedding is all about enjoying, sharing, and volunteering to do things together. The best way to keep your wedding guests entertained is to involve them in the wedding reception. Which means, it is perfectly fine to set up barbecue grills and get your family together by the grill for the reception. If you do not wish to get your guests into these little nuances, you can always opt to have the food catered. If you decide to have the wedding catered, make sure you have a plan for getting plenty of tables, chairs, and, of course, the food out to the campsite.
Preparing the Guests
With all the planning done, the next step is to make sure your guests are prepared for your nontraditional wedding. If your friends and family are seasoned campers and outdoorsy people, this should be no problem. Chances are, though, that you’ll have at least a few guests who aren’t accustomed to being out in nature. Here are some questions you’ll need to think about. Will all the guests be camping, or will you help coordinate alternative accommodation for those who don’t want to? How will you educate your guests about proper campground etiquette (for example, don’t leave trash lying around, conserve water, and follow all campground regulations)? What will you do if some guests come unprepared to the camp? Do you have extra blankets, ground pads, and so on? And, finally, remember to let your guests know where the nearest emergency room is, just in case.
Creating a Private Retreat

Keep the Guests Entertained
Remember, a camping wedding is not a regular wedding. If it is a far-flung location, you are going to be stuck with your guests for a couple of days. In such a situation, you wouldn’t want your guests to be sitting idle, and it makes sense to organize fun-filled activities for them. Get your guests involved to belt out some live music, and get them to shake a leg to keep them entertained.

Advantages of Air Travel

There are a huge range of both social as well as economic benefits to flying but possibly the main thing that makes flying more advantageous and favorable to any other mode of transport is the amount of time it saves.

o    The valuable resource – Time: Time has become one of our most treasured resources, mainly in business, however if you have a limitation on time factor while holidaying then flying should be a preferred choice of traveling to and from your destination.

o    Experience all the highlights: Most of the times tourists have to suffer long and                           mostly dull journeys in order to experience the highlights of a place. This entire time is a complete wastage and we all are very well aware of the fact that time is money. Best is to travel by air and save the time for later entertainment.

o    Get the full picture from above: Flying mainly in helicopters allows tourists to experience place in its totality. In mountainous areas like Himalayas, Western Cape, Alps and KwaZulu Natal, the views from above are tremendously beautiful and unbeatable in their magnificence.

o    Added Comfort: One of the best advantages of flying is comfort that it offers. It gives enough space to stretch oneself. Also it’s possible to move freely around large airplanes.

o    Cheap modes of Transport: Because of the competitive nature of aviation world, cheap flights tickets or discounted flights are on the rise. Because of these inexpensive flights at certain times of the year flying has become much cheaper than driving by a huge margin.

o    Helps maintain long distance relationships: Flying is the only real option to keep in touch with those who live on the other end of the world. Imagine how painful it would have been if there was no way of seeing our loved ones in far off places!

o    Trustworthy: All flights obey strict operational schedules so they are generally considered as one of the most trustworthy and reliable modes of transport in today’s world.

o    Great economic advantages: Aviation sector generates an almost 32 million jobs annually and contributes almost 7.5% of the world’s GDP, which is a huge profit. Also, it being the fastest worldwide transport system is mandatory for global tourism and business, the key factors of economic growth.

So, these are some of the few great benefits of air travel. The invention of plane by Wright Brothers will take such a long journey was never thought by anyone. At last, its wonderful and magnanimously fantastic effort by human.

Harbin Ice Festival Travel Tips

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, commonly known as Harbin Ice Festival, mainly consist of four theme parks: Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island International Ice and Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Harbin Ice Lantern Show, and Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley. Being a tourist brand name of Harbin, the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang province, People’s Republic of China, the festival draws millions of tourists every winter.
Locations of the Theme Parks

1. Harbin Ice and Snow World Location
West side of Sun Island, Songbei District, Harbin (near Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum)

2. Ice Lantern Fair Location
The fair is located in Zhaolin Park, at the northern end of Zhaolin Street in Daoli District. The address is No. 74 Friendship Road (Youyi Lu), Daoli District, Harbin

3. Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Are Expo Location
No.3 Jingbei Road, Sun Island Scenic Area, Songbei District, Harbin

4. Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley Location
On Songhua River (near the Flood Control Monument and Tongjiang Street)

Best Time to Visit
The festival officially starts on Jan 5 and ends at Feb. 25 every year. If go to Harbin for the festival, try to avoid the weekends and Chinese New Year if possible.

Things to do
You can find many things to do during Harbin Ice Festival, including watch ice/snow sculptures and buildings, ice lanterns, winter swimming performance, go skiing/snowboarding, dog/horse sledding, ice spinning, and ice sailing, experience ice restaurants and ice bars, or have a safari-style Siberian tigers watching trip etc.

What to wear in Harbin Ice Festival
1. Belt /Pants /Socks /Underwear

2. Sweater/Gloves/Winter Hat/Winter Jacket/ Scarves

3. Silk or other long underpants, t-shirts or camisoles for carrying money and important documents

4. Fanny Pack/Purse /Money Belt /Wallet

5. Security pouch for valuable documents

How to get there
The best way to get to Harbin is by air via some China’s major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

Where to ski in Harbin
Harbin and its surrounding areas have many ski resorts with excellent facilities. Tourists can go skiing in these places: Yabuli Ski Resort, Longzhu Erlongshan Ski Resort, Yabuli Sunshine Holiday Village Ski Resort, Harbin Institute Of Physical Education Skifield, Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski
Resort, Yawangsi Ski Resort, Huatian Wumiji Ski Resort, Pingshan Shenlu Ski Resort, Mingdu Ski Field, Fanqi Shangjing International Ski Resort, Window Of Eurasian Ski Field, Harbin Moon Bay Ski Field, Ice And Snow World Ski Field, Yuquan International Hunting Ground Ski Resort, Weihu Mountain National Forest Park Ski Resort, Xudong Lantian Ski Resort.

Suggested 3-day Harbin Ice Festival Tour

Day 1 Arrival in Harbin
Upon arrival at Harbin airport, you are met and transferred to the hotel (check in if room available). Free at leisure for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Harbin
Today we will start tour to visit the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East – St. Sofia Church. And then free walk through the Central Street. On the streets, you can find some facts about Harbin’s history and culture. Continue tour to visit the Sun Island Park, where the Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Expo is held every winter and you can see various awesome snow sculptures featuring different cultures. Later transfer to the Siberian Tiger Park, where we’re caged in a specially protected bus to see the tigers and lions. In the afternoon, transfer to visit the highlights of the Harbin Ice Festival – Ice and Snow World Park where you stroll through this winter wonderland, marvel at the magnificent exquisitely-detailed, gigantic ice sculptures. View fabulous creations of notable buildings and monuments of different architectural types and styles, figures of animals, people, mythical creatures, ice slides and lanterns. When evening sets in, multicolored lights illuminate the sculptures, creating a breathtaking display of these icy works of art.

Day 3 Depart Harbin
In the morning, visit the Stalin Park. The park stands as evidence of the friendship between the world’s two most powerful communist countries at that time. At the center of Stalin Park stands the Flood Control Monument built to commemorate the tremendous feat of the Harbin people in controlling the massive flood of 1957. You will watch winter swimming performance on Songhua River. And you may choose to take part in some ice activities with own expense, such as ice sloping, dog-sled (about RMB30/pp, US$5 per time), etc. After that, transfer to the airport for the flight back to your sweet home.

Tips for Camping in the Rain

Nobody likes if it rains when planning for outdoor camps. In fact, we cancel or reschedule camping trips due to rain. However, what do you do if it rains when you are already camping. Crib about the rain?… come on guys, rain is not that bad. Have you tried listening to the melodious sound that rain creates when raindrops hit the tent, the smell of the earth when it rains. Or imagine just sitting by the tent door watching the rain and sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. You are liking it, aren’t you? Well that’s not all, snuggling in your bed in a cozy blanket at night is all the more fun when it is pouring outside. Let’s look at the silver lining in the dark cloud and enjoy the camping experience, whether it is raining or not. Scroll down, it is really fun… you may want to thank me after that…

Camping in the Rain

# How to make your tent rain proof?
Begin with choosing an elevated spot on your camp ground to set up your tent. This will avoid water clogging. Whenever you go camping, invariably, carry big tarps. If you are a regular camper, it is recommended you invest in these tarps which are well-made and worth every penny you spend on them. Before you set up your tent, lay the tarp underneath your tent. Make sure you have sealed the tarp properly to avoid rainwater from seeping in.
Get another tarp out and rope it to the trees or using poles. This time around, set up your tarp covering a larger area. Make sure you set up the tarp in such a way that it facilitates the rain to run off and simply not clog water above the roof. Once your tarp is set, go ahead and set your tent right underneath the tarp, your tent will stay dry and you can enjoy camping without cribbing about the rain.
A few even recommend digging a ditch around your tent to give way to the rainwater, however personally it is not really recommended because it just messes up the place around the tent. Lastly, remember to seal all the loops (if any), yet check for adequate ventilation.
# Carrying The Right Gear
A good quality jacket and rain coat are an essential part of any rain camping trip. Consider buying plastic ponchos, they cost peanuts and you will be surprised to see how useful they are.
Although cotton clothes are everybody’s favorite when on a trip, here it is necessary you avoid them, as they are worst to handle when wet. Go in for clothes which are warm, comfortable and breathable. The point is warm and wet is better than wet and cold.
Remember to carry all your belongings in a waterproof bag, just in case everything in the tent gets wet due to some terrible misfortune.
Do not forget to carry your gloves and leg warmers. You can wear them to keep yourself warm at night, since it is very likely for the temperature to drop at nights during the rains.
Carry flip-flops or easy slip-ons and consider leaving them outside the tent, if you do not want to mess up the place in the tent. Rubber boots are the best option.
Do not forget to carry plenty of plastic bags, as they allow you to store your soiled or wet clothes and carry them back home without dirtying your backpack.
# Interesting Things To Do at the Camp
Like I said earlier, it is up to you to decide whether you are going to sit cribbing about the rains or make the best of this situation.
If you are camping with your family, you get to spend some quality time together. Carry plenty of games, books, craft material if you have a crafty nature, or a pack of playing cards. Have you ever considered playing a card game with your family? It is fun and all the more if you cheat (kidding).
As far as possible, avoid carrying gadgets like your laptop, or iPod; the rains can damage these gadgets.
The climate, after the rain subsides, is amazing, opt for a campfire. Carry a few sticks of wood or coal and enjoy the warmth of the fire in the chilling weather.
After enjoying the bonfire, snuggle into your sleeping bags listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the tarp. Remember to keep yourself warm, especially at night.